Sunday, January 9, 2011

L'inizio [The Beginning]

Greetings guys!!!
This blog was created for me to share my creative passion and my eye for fashion. Anyone can have an opinion on it or an eye for it, but no one has MY eye for it, no one can see it just the way I can. That isn't to say my view is this industry is better than the next fashion designer out there, but its unique to me, and that's what makes it special and allows me to stand apart from all the rest. One of my favorite instructors Mr. Milman always told us to make sure that when we're creating a blog, that it has a purpose; something different to say form everything else that's out there. If not, then why should a person visit your page over someone elses? Well, I feel that the journey that life has taken me through and the different things that it has exposed me to has equipped me to give a unique twist to this industry, so that's the mission of my blog: to give you a glimpse into the fashion industry from my point of view, as well as allow you to gain a little insight into the girl behind the wearable creations: me. Welcome and enjoy....

Designed by Kamulah Thompson [from 'Strut' collection]
Model: Bri
Location: The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale 'Tribute' Fashion show

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